our prayer page

We have experienced and know the infinite power of prayer.   In our Church Services and our personal prayers, we ask for God's help in our lives and the lives of others that have asked for our prayers

We have listed here those that have requested that we pray for them, and also the greater world situations, may we please ask you to pray for them also?

If you would like a name added to this page, please contact Rev Peter

Your prayers are asked for...

Baby Freya, who has just been rushed into hospital.

 Adam, who is suffering from problems caused by his chemotherapy, please pray that they will subside.

Janet, who has breast cancer.

Marie, who has been diagnosed with dementia.

 Matthew, who is recovering from drug addiction. 

Royel - who has blood cancer.

Sal Manzo, a young man with cancer, who will shortly be having a liver Transplant 

Jean Dryden, Jackie Fuller, Sue Freeman, Mick Goodsell, Brian and Dot Goulder, Gill and Paul Hurle, and Derek Wells, Ray Ellis, Margaret Eales, Graham Lee, and Anne Stevenson.

And please remember in your prayers those that love and care for these, and so suffer with them.


We also ask your prayers for those in the wider community. 

We thank you, Father, for the rich variety of our food, from many parts of the world. We thank you for the enjoyment and pleasure we find in sharing food in celebration and fellowship. We pray for those who grow, prepare, and distribute the food we eat. As they try to achieve the impossible, grant to them a sense of their part in the poise and balance of all life. 

For the present situation in the Ukraine, and the still ongoing situation of Afghanistan.  Both situations where the population of those countries face a frightening, traumatic and poverty-stricken future.

And as we remember that as a child, Jesus and His family became refugees, escaping persecution, we pray for all refugees escaping persecution, wars, famines, and the effects of Climate Change

For the nurses, doctors and for all in the front line fighting the ongoing and increasing situation in the NHS.