What is a Christian and what happens at your churches?

The word ‘Christian’ means ‘a follower of Christ’ and the word ‘disciple’ means ‘student' or ‘pupil.’   A Christian is not simply someone who professes to believe in Jesus, rather she or he is a follower of and a student of Jesus Christ.   Being a Christian is an ongoing lifelong process of learning about, listening to and following the example of Jesus who revealed God to us, to give us the opportunity to build a personal relationship with God.

Jesus revealed to us that God is not a distant, indifferent parent, who glares at you, and looks at all you’ve wasted, everything you’ve broken and all that you have down wrong.   Instead, He’s a God who loves you, whose arms are open wide to welcome people home.   God sent Jesus, His One and Only Son to live a perfect life, and then Jesus willingly gave Himself to be crucified.   As He died He took our wrongs upon Himself.   He faced our punishment and, for those that turn to him, and follow Him, He died our death.

Humanities problem is a spiritual problem.   So often we live our lives as if we are God, we think and act as though we are in charge and we ignore the God who made us.   Here is how the Bible puts it: "All have done wrong and fall short of the glory of God.”    We want to be right with God, and we do so by confessing our wrong doing, asking Him to forgive us and help us to live His way.  As Christians we become a fully active part of God’s family, following the example of Jesus who said that ‘By their deeds you will know them”.  

Being part of a Church is then, far more than turning up to listen to the minister and to sing hymns.   We strive to be a family, God’s family who are learning about and exploring the life of Jesus.   We are actively building a community of people willing to love and help anybody, irrespective of their own personal beliefs.   Many members of our Churches are quietly involved in  various organisations, both near and far, as their faith leads them to helping others wherever they can.


We want our community to be a home where every woman, man, boy and girl, of every age and of every race, will find a place with God, a place of friendship and comfort, a place where they belong.   God made this world, He made you.   God loves this world, He loves you, and that is why Jesus came.   

You can expect to meet ordinary people from different cultures and journeys of life!.  There is no dress code, so just come as you would as if you were visiting friends, which is exactly what you will be.