The Spire of Wartling Church is a striking feature of both the building and the local area, and is covered in 1000’s of Oak timber shingles. Work will soon be started to replace all of the shingles at a cost of £35,000 and in addition a major oak beam also needs replacing at an additional cost of £10,000.   The last repairs were carried out over 50 years ago but in the ensuing period the shingles have dried and curled, leading to many problems.  


Insects are attracted to the spaces under the tiles, which can lead to woodpeckers making holes in the tiles in order to reach them, also birds find the spaces a good place to nest.   However, as the tiles twist and warp so they start to flutter in the wind, and this leads to them becoming loose and falling off. As a result re-cladding is now needed in order for the integrity and safety of the structure to be preserved.

For a donation of £10 you can have a small message/dedication/your name etched on the back of a shingle. You can write the words you wish to have etched the shingle on the board at the back of St Mary Magdalene, you can phone (contact details on the Our Team page) or you can just simply tell us what you would like.